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Favourite Links



  • J Barta's HTML Tutor
      Most novices consider this as the best HTML tutor. ZIP file is available for downloading.

    HTML Editors

  • Flexed
      Shareware, HTML Tag editor. Easy to use, recommended for both novices and experts. Windows 3.1 version is also available.


  • Hackers Club
      Password decoders, crackers and a huge library of hacking related text files.

  • Simple Nomad
      Unofficial hacking site for Novell Netware. Well known Novell password cracker, Pandora was developed by Simple Nomad.

  • Java Script

  • Netscape Java Script Documentation
      Most comprehensive Java Script Documentation. Contains number of examples.

    Free POP Email

      Web based and POP accounts. 3 MB disk space is alowed.


    On Line Book Shelf

      Once you register yourdelf with them, they allow to read thier books on line.

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